Easy employee communication


You have a lot on your plate with more messages than ever to get out to employees and less time and resources to do it. Your solution: make changes that will help you manage your workload. Here are a five things you can do to get better results with less effort.

1. Repurpose content
Just like turning leftover chicken into a tasty pot pie, you can transform existing content into something fresh and interesting.

Repurpose content

2. Create unscripted town halls
Employees crave informal, unscripted meetings with leaders. So, give them what they want (while saving yourself hours of prep time) by ditching the speeches and boosting Q&A time.

Create unscripted town halls

3. Make everything shorter
You do the math. A 150-word article takes less time to write than a 750-word article, and a four-page newsletter will be easier to produce than eight pages.

Make everything shorter

4. Streamline your approval process
Getting approvals on content can often be a slow and painful process. Stop the "track changes" insanity by limiting your approach to no more than three approvers.

Streamline your approval process

5. Build a network
The best reporters use a network of sources to help them quickly track down lead stories. Why not take the same approach by developing your own internal communication network with people throughout your organization?
Build a network


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