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You spend countless hours creating content for your employee newsletter, but readership is lower than you’d like it to be. How can you make improvements that will encourage greater engagement?

Make changes to your publication based on employee feedback. We’ve found that qualitative research such as focus groups or interviews generate rich comments that provide cues about the most meaningful improvements to make. Here’s some typical feedback and potential action steps:

What employees say   What you can do
I don't have time to read. Write for skimming (not reading)

Create bite-sized chunks of information and bulleted lists to organize content into short, scannable stories.

I see company news on Google before I get the newsletter. Offer a unique perspective

Keep “news” fresh by providing context that connects the dots for employees.

Articles don't catch my attention Give LOTS of clues

Draw in employees with compelling headlines, multiple subheads, callouts, pictures and lead sentences that tell the story. 

The content is too complicated. Show, don’t tell

Make complex information easier to understand by using images, decision trees, charts and infographics.

Topics are not relevant to me. Focus on the employee

Always keep employees top of mind—explain why the information is important to them and how it affects their job/role.


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