You have a robust lineup of voluntary benefits—programs like long-term disability, pet insurance and cancer insurance—which employees can choose to purchase at lower rates than they could get on their own. But, despite your top-notch offerings, employees are not taking advantage of these valuable benefits. How can you raise awareness and increase participation? Here are three ideas:


"Membership has its privileges"
To spread the word about voluntary benefits and boost knowledge of your value proposition, create a promo card insert for employees' ID badges. The card markets your voluntary benefits program, providing discounts for special deals and linking to an online resource. The card also provides a daily reminder of the "perks" of being an employee.


Employee testimonials
There's no better advertisement than a satisfied customer. Conduct focus groups and ask employees which voluntary benefits they've used and what they would recommend. Then pick a few enthusiastic spokespeople to share their experiences, via an online video or a newsletter feature called Best-kept benefits secrets.


Something new on the menu
Want an out-of-the box way to feed employees information? Head on over to the cafeteria and create placemats or tray liners highlighting your voluntary benefit menu. List menu items in logical buckets: a stress reduction lunch-and-learn with an employee massage discount, a retirement seminar in conjunction with incentive payouts. That way, employees get a healthy side of voluntary benefit information as they eat their lunch. Definitely food for thought.



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