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You and your team spend a lot of time planning and managing town hall meetings. Although employees appreciate the opportunity to hear from leaders, you struggle to make town halls as interactive, dynamic and motivational as you know they can be.

We’ll help you take town halls to a whole new level

  • Boost the energy level
  • Increase employee understanding of key concepts
  • Improve leader effectiveness
  • Stimulate employee participation
  • Give Q and A a makeover
  • Reduce time needed to prepare materials

Here’s what we’ll do for you

  • Hold a 60-minute kickoff call to discuss your experiences and agree on objectives
  • Review a video or audio of a recent town hall (if none is available, we’ll review materials and agendas)
  • Based on leading practices, create recommendations (in PowerPoint) for 3 major changes and 5 minor changes to dramatically improve your next town hall
  • Facilitate a 90-minute web session, where we’ll share leading practices and review our recommendations; you’ll leave with an action plan

The result

You’ll have all the advice you need to transform employee town hall meetings.



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