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Your organization makes a significant investment in leadership conferences and big group sessions, but you struggle to create meetings that are meaningful and memorable. There are so many moving parts and so many cooks in the kitchen that, far too often, meetings devolve into an endless series of boring PowerPoint presentations.

We’ll consult with you on designing your big meeting so it is:

  • Focused and purposeful
  • Efficient to plan and run
  • Based on best practices in adult learning
  • Deeply participative
  • Productive, resulting in tangible action steps

Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • Hold a 60-minute kickoff call to understand your situation and objectives
  • Review your draft agenda
  • Facilitate a 60-minute virtual meeting to:
    • Suggest ways to improve the flow of the meeting
    • Offer methods to create more participation, including exercises, breakout sessions and games
    • Make a case for different approaches
    • Help you manage stakeholders and participants

The result

You’ll the foundation you need to manage a successful meeting.



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