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Your team has an important internal communication role, so you need every team member to be knowledgeable about leading practices. But going to big conferences isn’t cutting it—team members come back with interesting concepts, but aren’t sure how to use them to take your employee communication program to the next level.

That’s why Davis & Company offers this unique service: A tailored learning program for a team member or the entire communication team. In three interactive sessions, our senior consultants will provide your team with focused learning about the most important employee communication issues that you face. Plus, we’ll advise about key challenges and provide ideas on how you can improve your program.

We’ll equip team members with skills they need to:

  • Achieve best practices for internal communication
  • Create a strategic internal communication plan
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of its efforts
  • Become a trusted advisor to leaders
  • Be successful in its internal communication role

Here’s what we’ll do for you

  • Hold a 30-minute kickoff call to discuss what you and your team want to accomplish and which learning sessions will meet your needs (see options below)
  • Schedule and facilitate up to three, 60-minute virtual learning sessions for up to 10 participants
  • Use interactive exercises and real-life examples to reinforce learning session topics
  • Provide all participants with a free copy of our book “How to conduct employee focus groups”
Build employee communication skills

Learning session options (choose three)

Topic Description
Essentials of employee communication Discover leading employee communication practices and trends, with a focus on channels and content.
Planning Learn how to create a strategic internal communication plan, including objectives, strategies and tactics.
Measurement Explore ways to measure the effectiveness of your employee communication efforts.
Leader communication Learn useful strategies for preparing leaders to communicate effectively with employees.
HR communication Make HR communication clear and meaningful for employees so they’re ready to take action.
Change communication Develop compelling communication that appeals to employees and engages them in the change—big or small.
Guidelines and standards Learn how effective communication guidelines and standards can significantly improve your employee communication program.
Strategic advisor Explore techniques that will build your confidence and help you make the leap from implementer to strategic advisor.

The result

Your team will have the knowledge and confidence it needs to tackle any employee communication challenge.



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