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Unfortunately, more often employee communication resembles an over-the-top tasting menu than it does popcornRead more
Communication should be like popcorn
Avoid poor planning that can lead to indigestion.Read more
Town halls should not be like potluck dinners
Instead of one long email, create separate messages.Read more
Big stacks of pancakes are like too much email content
Even the lowly comic strip can teach communicators about narrative structure.Read more
Comics can teach you about narrative structure
Here are five questions about measurement that employee communicators ask most often.Read more
The scale reminds us of the importance of employee communication measurement.
When you run every town hall the same way, the sessions become predictable, expected, boring.Read more
This yawning cat knows how boring employee town halls can be
Why reducing the size of content helps employees process information.Read more
Tiny packages remind us to create small packages of information for employees
This simple step will create more energy and engagement.Read more
For a better employee meeting, rearrange the chairs
Clean up the content mess and make the meeting about something important.Read more
A messy baby is like a  messy employee town hall meeting


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