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Wurman’s construct is still the best organizing principle.Read more
Latch is not only a great way to close things—LATCH is the best organizing principle for communication.
Go ultrashort to reach employees.Read more
The ideal word count for internal communication content is 50.-
Step away from your desk to understand employees’ needs.Read more
When visiting a site, start at the time clock to understand the employee experience
If you don’t get your point across right away, you’ll lose your fight for employees’ attention.Read more
Don't be afraid to take out the scissors to cut copy
Posters lose their potency very quickly. Use a “sell-by” date to refresh content.Read more
Like sliced bread, employee communication posters can get stale
Make it a priority to build your skills.Read more
Climb the hill to your next career move
By the time you start Q&A, participants are “cold”.Read more
Your town hall audience may be cold, reluctant to participate
Leverage demographic information to demonstrate employees’ needs.Read more
CEOs have different perspectives than average employees
Communicators can learn important lessons from crafters about how to convey information simply and clearly.Read more
Crafts like knitting offer lessons for conveying information to employees


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