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To improve your headlines, begin by analyzing consumer media.Read more
Since headlines are so important in internal communication content, gain inspiration from consumer media.
Think about how advertising is changing and how it applies to what we do.Read more
Don't assume that, just because you flashed a message, employees paid attention.
Begin by making your content less flabby and more fun.Read more
Checklists are one great way to make internal communication content more fun.
Next time you’re in the supermarket, drugstore or at the airport, peruse the rack of consumer magazines.Read more
Inspiration for improving employee communication is as close as your local newsstand.
Writing effective questions requires pinpoint precision. You can be flabby or effusive. Ambiguity is not your friend.Read more
Design your questionnaire so employees find the survey easy to complete
Use the power of data to improve internal communication.Read more
Employee communication research is a powerful tool to make your case.
What Rudolph’s shiny nose, roasting chestnuts and mistletoe have in common.Read more
You can learn a lot about good writing from listening to holiday carols.
Cut long paragraphs into snack-sized chunks.Read more
You should cut internal communication copy into chunks the same way you cut up oranges.
Here are 10 things to keep in mind as you approach measurement.Read more
10 lessons in employee communication measurement.


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