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If we make employees work too hard to get information, we make their lives difficult.Read more
If we make employees wait or work too hard, we're not delivering on our internal communication promise.
You can change the perception that other people know as much about communication as you do.Read more
Be a confident communicator, not an order taker, and you can persuade clients about your point of view
Tabloid headlines are a great inspiration for how to get people’s attention in this information-overloaded world.Read more
effective internal communication writing
Make sure that employees have easy access to documents—both electronically and in paper form.Read more
Make sure employees have easy access to important documents.
If you assertively manage content (and control the agenda), you can design town halls that create engagement.Read more
Some employee town halls are as messy as a pile of laundry.
Are town halls critical? The answer was clear: Yes, every town hall is significant. Here’s why.Read more
Town halls are critical to build employee engagement.
When creating a survey, the rating scale you choose can make a big difference.Read more
When designing an employee communication survey, the scale you use matters.
Baby Boomers have the mistaken impression that communication needs to be perfect.Read more
Baby boomers have certain employee communication preferences that don't reflect all employees.
Provide “Quick Takes” that sum up the message in each article.Read more
Employee publication readers want information fast. So provide snacks they can digest quickly.


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