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The hidden power of interviews is that they not only collect information, they also give you a forum for influencing.Read more
Hold one-on-one interviews with experts, leaders and other key stakeholders
Choose description—not data—when communicating to create understanding.Read more
Waffles are a great metaphor for the kind of information employees need—not facts, but rich description
Here’s the thing about meetings: You have the power to make them meaningful—and even awesome.Read more
Want meeting participants to cheer? Start with the end result or outcome you want to achieve.
If your employee newsletter has these problems, it’s time for a refresh.Read more
If your newsletter is too corporate, it's time for a change
While you can’t fix every meeting, you can improve employee briefings or forums.Read more
Too many meetings are long, boring and unproductive
At least once a year, you and your team should take a close look at how to streamline content.Read more
Apply the dumpster principle to eliminate the waste in your internal communication program
Need to recognize team members’ accomplishments? Here is an easy exercise.Read more
Give team members a chance to share accomplishments they’re proud of.
You need compelling evidence to make your case to senior management. One tool you should have available? Demographics.Read more
Demographics. Compelling evidence to make your case to senior management to communicate differently.
“Thick description” brings important concepts to life.Read more
To be more compelling, use thick description to bring employees into the story


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