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Make it a priority to build your skills.Read more
Climb the hill to your next career move
By the time you start Q&A, participants are “cold”.Read more
Your town hall audience may be cold, reluctant to participate
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CEOs have different perspectives than average employees
Communicators can learn important lessons from crafters about how to convey information simply and clearly.Read more
Crafts like knitting offer lessons for conveying information to employees
Create a more authentic experience by building real interaction.Read more
A potted plant is fine. Planted questions at town halls are not.
Employees will pay attention when they learn something new—or gain value from what’s being shared.Read more
Like citrus fruits, employee town halls can be fresh and unexpected
Just because you prefer one approach doesn’t mean employees will, too.Read more
Thick glasses myopia about employee preferences
Internal communication should be interesting, illuminating—even enjoyable.Read more
Amusement park is your communication channel fun
Make a difference by helping employees understand how they contribute.Read more
Slipper socks are one thing to be thankful for


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