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Employees have visions of simplicity, not sugarplums.Read more
To appeal to employees, you need to work hard to make communication easy for them to consume/experience.Read more
People are as lazy as cats, which is why you need to make communication easy
Provide employees with instructions that help them understand what to do.Read more
Internal communication should be as easy as apple pie
Time for your next presentation? Keep in mind these common mistakes—and be sure to avoid these pitfalls.Read more
When presenting, avoid these mistakes
Effective email subject lines promise to make employees’ lives better.Read more
Thanksgiving turkey
Employees don’t have time or energy for complexity.Read more
Stressed-out parents need internal communication that meets their needs and lowers stress
Instead of created stilted quotes, help people seem human.Read more
When quoting executives for internal communication content, make the leader sound human
The most effective way to reach people—and to motivate them to take action—is to understand what they need.Read more
By analyzing employees, you can be more effective at designing HR communication to meet their needs
Here’s a different approach for improving HR communication: Focus on time.Read more
Here’s a different approach for improving HR communication: Focus on time.


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