Davis & Company recently promoted Janice Comes to Art Director. To mark the occasion, Eric Goodman sat down with Janice to chat.

What do you like best about your new position?
I like having more facetime with clients and more oversight. I’m looking forward to seeing projects through from concept to completion.

Tell me about a project you worked on that you’re especially proud of.
I worked on a Manager’s guide for Black Knight. When we first started, it was a simple timeline. Eventually, it turned into an interactive piece with pop-ups, models, hyperlinks and navigation. It looks great, it’s compelling, elegant and clean.

What are your greatest strengths?
I’m a good problem solver. I assess issues and dissect it before jumping in and designing. I like to provide diverse and equally-creative ideas so our clients have choices.

Have you learned a new skill recently?
I’ve always found presentations quite challenging. I’ve had more opportunities for presentations this year and learned how to be well prepared. I break down my design process and make notes in advance so I can be prepared with what I want to say.

Why do you think you received this promotion?
I’ve been here for 10 years and actually started out as a freelancer. My background was in corporate design, but I put in the hard work and learned the employee communication side. I now have a good handle on that.

What gets you psyched about work?
I enjoy problem solving and especially like when a client chooses one of our out-of-the-box solutions. I also appreciate our variety of work. Print, digital, identity and environmental projects all make for great diversity.