Keeping employees engaged and focused—despite the anxiety-provoking distractions of the COVID-19 crisis—is a difficult challenge. But Alison Davis provided hope for communicators when she shared tips on how to foster engagement during trying times at a recent Apprise Mobile Crisis Webinar.

“There’s certainly a lot of bad news to communicate. But it’s important to share successes—employees need a little good news, too,” Alison commented. “One way to keep employees engaged is to make sure you’re telling success stories.”

Throughout the webinar, Alison discussed how to:

  • Develop content that helps employees 
  • Support leaders during challenging times
  • Manage workloads (and stress)

“During COVID-19—or any crisis­—employees need clear, relevant communication,” said Alison. “One of the things you can do is use metrics and feedback to determine the right cadence, the right amount of information and right use of channels.”

She continued, “Leaders need to step up and be great communicators. And it’s vital to remind managers of the important role they play in motivating employees.”

Sponsored by theEMPLOYEEapp, this webinar gave participants a chance to hear answers to their most challenging questions regarding employee engagement during COVID-19.