We’re here to help you communicate with employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out the resources below: Our goal is to help you be a strategic communication advisor for your organization. We can also provide perspective on your communication plans, examples of what other organizations are doing and hands-on support.

COVID internal communication support

On a budget?

You may have a small budget, but you still need big ideas. We’re here to help! Our team can provide strategic advice, an outside perspective and inspiration.

Buy an hour of our time

Smart people can accomplish a lot in an hour! Here are examples of how we can help:

  • Provide feedback on a communication plan
  • Brainstorm ideas for a complicated communication challenge
  • Coach you about an upcoming meeting with senior leaders
  • Add some pizzazz to an agenda for a town hall or leadership meeting

How it works: Email a summary of your situation and background materials. We’ll collaborate with you during a one-hour web meeting.

Benchmark your work

It’s a question we often answer, “How are others addressing this problem?” Tell us about your communication challenge and we’ll share how other organizations have addressed the issue.

How it works: Email a summary of your situation and we’ll pull together examples of similar work. We share leading practices in a one-hour web meeting.



Covid-19 fast writing planning design communication support

Need fast support?

When need-it-yesterday deadlines and tight budgets collide, we’re here to help! Our team can provide on-demand support with planning, writing and design. Here are two examples:

Develop a quick plan

Tell us about your communication challenge and we’ll develop a one-page communication plan with measurable objectives, tactics and timeline.

How it works: Join us in a web meeting and we’ll review your situation. Then we’ll develop the communication plan and review with you in a follow-up, web-based session.

Brainstorm new approaches in an hour

When you’re stuck developing a communication piece, setting an agenda for a large meeting or reimagining a core communication channel, an outside perspective can inject inspiration and new ideas.

How it works: Email a summary of your situation and background materials. We’ll collaborate with you during a one-hour web meeting.



Have a bit more to spend?

Resources and best practices

create internal communication for remote employees

5 tips for managers to effectively lead a remote team

Learn how to stay connected and effectively manage your team.

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Give leaders to confidence to transform internal communication

From same old to bold: Changing leaders’ mindsets about communicating with employees during the COVID-19 crisis

The same old approach won’t work during a crisis.

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reach out to employees in a crisis

Show employees you care: Ask what’s on their minds

Here are four ways to uncover employees’ communication needs during an ongoing crisis.

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employee communication for sensitive topics

How to communicate layoffs or furlough arrangements

Need guidance on communicating a layoff or furlough? Put employees at the center of your internal communication with this four-step process.

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Our thank you to the essential workers of the COVID-19 pandemic

Davis & Company thanks essential workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Davis & Company team would like to express its gratitude for the essential workers who risk their lives every day.

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craft effective crisis communication for employees

Are all employees receiving your crisis communication?

Thinking through distribution is essential to everyone gets the message. Here’s how.

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Covid Remote Employees

How to encourage remote employees to speak up and share ideas

5 ways to develop a culture of participation during virtual meetings.

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The best way to deliver bad news to employees?

It’s every leader’s or manager’s least favorite task: delivering bad news.

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