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Why is it so challenging to get your message across? Why are employees increasingly missing even vital communication?

Two factors are converging to create a perfect storm of inattention: First, overload is growing exponentially. And information itself is becoming increasingly complex. From benefits to HR policies, from company strategy to initiatives, messages are difficult to convey and hard to grasp. 
But there is a way to take complex information and simplify it, so employees pay attention, understand what it means and know what to do. In this workshop, we will demonstrate how to take even the most complicated content and make it clear, simple and actionable.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Use an audience analysis to gain insights and counsel internal clients
  • Set objectives to guide communication
  • Frame your message in just a few words or concepts
  • Write concretely to bring abstractions to life
  • Overcome the “curse of knowledge”—being so close to the material that you can’t explain it

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