Learn simple, low-cost ways to expand your knowledge, enhance your skills and make a big difference in your organization’s communication.
Looking for some communication inspiration?

Try some simple exercises
A handy, easy-to-use guide for communication inspiration. Writing in a clear and entertaining style, author Jane Shannon shows you simple, effective ways to build your knowledge, work smarter and improve how you communicate with employees—steps you can take without asking anyone’s permission.

How can this book help you?
Learn how to increase your skills, enhance the work you do, and improve your employee communication program, including:

  • Building your communication expertise
  • Developing techniques to produce excellent work
  • Bringing good ideas into your organization
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your work
  • Proving the value of communications in helping your organization succeed

What does it include?
A page-a-piece, easy-to-digest tips and pointers that you can immediately put into action.

  • Fast, easy to read
  • Fun illustrations
  • Practical, low-cost tips
  • Designed for seasoned professional or new communicator
  • Easy ways to boost your career

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