This employee communication how-to guide offers 21 smart, time-saving strategies to make your job easier and make your communication more effective.

How can you communicate more effectively with employees?

Use some fresh strategies
Your communication challenges arrive daily at your desk in all shapes and sizes. This straightforward book from employee communication experts at Davis & Company provides fresh strategies to help you solve your communication challenges, large and small, and get measurable results.

Each strategy has been adapted from the archives of our acclaimed electronic newsletter, Smart Tips. These 21 compelling ideas—complete with how-tos, examples and common mistakes to avoid—will ensure your success in reaching your employees and getting your messages through.


How can this book help you?
Explore ways to constantly re-examine your strategies and continually make improvements in your approaches, including:

  • Learn to build a communication plan that meets your organization’s objectives—a plan that you will actually use and implement
  • Use new approaches for communicating organizational change
  • Discover tactics to help leaders and managers become more effective communicators
  • Find strategies to help you measure the effectiveness of your communication efforts
  • Get quick tips for refreshing your print and electronic communication
  • Uncover new ways to excel in both your strategic and tactical communication
  • Great give-away for communicators’ conference

What does it include?
21 Strategies for Improving Employee Communication is designed to provide practical advice on seven aspects of employee communication: planning, measurement, communicating change, leaders’ and managers’ communication, print and electronic communication channels, visual communication and the communication function, including:

  • Easy-to-understand and easy-to-use tips
  • Smart, time-saving strategies to make your job easier and make your communication more effective
  • Clear examples of how to apply proven tactics

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