Are you getting the most out of your internal communication tools?


I spend  a lot of time thinking about how to make every channel (email, newsletters, intranets, social media, etc.) better.

Here’s one tip: Reduce the amount of so-called news you include, and replace it with helpful, how-to information.

These days, employees can instantly find news everywhere (including in external media). But what’s much more unique and valuable content is when you provide information that will help employees get something done, from being successful in their job to choosing the right benefits plan.

The best channel for how-to information? Video, of course. Consider how we’ve come to rely on video to learn anything from how to cut up a mango to how to dance a salsa.

For internal communication, video can be used to share how-to tips on an infinite array of topics, including:

  • Safety
  • Sales
  • HR programs (“How to have a performance discussion. How to think about benefits choices.”)
  • Quality
  • Process improvements

And you don’t need professional polish—homemade and handheld are fine.

So when you think about how to make video more compelling, consider how to give employees the how-to help they need.

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