As a busy working mom with three small kids, it’s hard to find time to work out. So when I decided to join a fitness studio, I chose Orangetheory.

Why? Not only does Orangetheory offer 60-minute high intensity classes that fit into my crazy schedule, it also has a fantastic employee culture that’s really inspiring to me.

Coaches go above and beyond to motivate colleagues (and members) to do their best and reach their goals. And then they celebrate when a goal is achieved!

I think other organizations can learn a lot from Orangetheory about building an effective employee recognition program. Here are a few things this fitness studio does to engage its employees and members:

1. Share progress
Orangetheory does a great job monitoring members’ fitness results (e.g., calories burned, average heart rate, etc.) and sharing these results on a team leaderboard. Not only is this valuable feedback for clients, it’s also a big motivator for coaches. #ateamthatburnstogetherstaystogether

2. Applaud major milestones
Whenever a coach hits a big milestone (teaching 750, 1,000 or 2,000 classes), colleagues celebrate with balloons, treats and social media posts. It feels really good to be recognized!

3.  Encourage peer-to-peer feedback
Coaches often take other coaches’ classes to see how a class is taught or to just get a good workout. It also provides an opportunity to give feedback and share best practices to help them be better trainers.

4. Give social media shout outs
Orangetheory has a busy Facebook page where both coaches and members post big milestones and accomplishments. It’s a great way to give a shout-out to a favorite coach or dedicated member. And seeing a thread fill up with “Congrats!” or “You go girl!” is awesome!

At the end of the day, employees want to know that their work is valued and that they make a difference. And when you encourage them to celebrate victories (big and small) and lift each other up, you create a positive culture that they want to be a part of.

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