A scary mask. Not as scary as what frightens employees about communication.


Almost everyone loves a scary movie. But even Jason, Freddy and Chucky are terrified when they encounter employee communication that’s boring, irrelevant, repetitive and pointless. To avoid sending shivers up employees’ spines, avoid these common bone-chilling mistakes:

  1. Endless organizational announcements
  2. Everything’s an acronym
  3. Murky messages
  4. 183 emails before breakfast
  5. Grip-and-grin photos
  6. A newsletter so long you have to keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling…
  7. 500-word intranet articles
  8. It takes 12 clicks to link to the page you need on the intranet
  9. Every town hall is exactly the same as every other town hall
  10. The moment in a town hall when the leader asks, “Any questions?”
  11. 44-page guides
  12. Another email announcing another change initiative
  13. Leaders who disappear into the executive suite and are never seen
  14. One PowerPoint slide with 47 data points
  15. Leaders who respond to a question by saying, "I answered that already!"
  16. 95 PowerPoint slides presented in a 30-minute meeting
  17. Meaningless meetings
  18. Meaningless meetings that you shouldn’t have been invited to in the first place
  19. Messages about something going on at headquarters (and you don’t work at headquarters)
  20. Too much to read, too little time
  21. Responding to a survey and never hearing about the results
  22. Incomprehensible email subject lines
  23. Haunted house of search (you can’t find what you’re looking for and there’s no way out)
  24. Content written at the 13th grade level
  25. Infographics that are neither visual nor informative
  26. Any video longer than five (or even three) minutes
  27. The portal’s as disorganized as the shoes on the floor of your closet
  28. Electronic screens with 8 pt. type
  29. Talking head videos (especially long ones)
  30. Managers who say, "Don't pay attention to anything the company sends us. It doesn't affect you."
  31. Communication that doesn't answer this question: What does this mean to me?

What frightens you? Please share.

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