Graphic Designer

About Robert Tepper


In his role as a designer, Rob brings his eye for design to both print and digital media. He works with clients, such as American Water, BD and PepsiCo and assists the Davis & Company marketing team with design needs.

Rob joined Davis & Company as an intern in June 2013 and became a full-time employee in December 2013. Prior to his internship, he worked as a freelance graphic designer.

Rob holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from The School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City. He is also great at pull-ups, basketball and cooking.

Q&A with Robert Tepper

What is the most satisfying or memorable project you’ve worked on?
An animated video for a global pharmaceutical company’s sales team.

Who (or what) inspires you in your work?
Designers: Ed Benguiat, Herb Lubalin and Paul Rand. Athletes: Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

What was your first job?
Counter server/cashier at a restaurant.

What's your passion?
Good design, tasty food, training in the gym.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years in your career?
As a confident designer

What's your go-to app?

What’s the most intense project you’ve worked on?
A series of incentive compensation guides for a hotel management company.

If you were to choose another profession, what would it be?
Batman (duh).

What’s one book you think everyone should read?
The Odyssey.

What genre of music helps you do your best work?
Alternative Rock or Hip-Hop.

What’s your favorite type of project to work on?
I’m enjoying working on animated pieces and pushing my digital knowledge.

What do you like to do while you’re sketching a new concept?
Grab a good pen—never ballpoint!

Where did you grow up?
Wayne, N.J.

What do you like to do on the weekends?
Go to the gym (or park if it’s nice outside) for a long training session, hang out with friends.

What can you do that most others can’t?

What’s your favorite movie?
Serpico. Such a cool wardrobe!

What’s your favorite color?

What’s your favorite lunchtime meal?
CBR: Chicken, broccoli, rice.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?
Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.

The internet goes down. What do you do now?
Reboot the router!

If you could live in another country, where would you live?

What’s your favorite travel destination?
Lake George, N.Y.

You just found a genie. What’s your first wish?
Early access to free Nike gear.