Financially pinched companies continue to whittle away at employee benefits: dropping 401(k) matches, switching to high-deductible health plans, freezing pensions. But there are ways to keep your employees satisfied with their benefits despite the cuts and higher bills. Here's how:

One Ramp up communications 
Even if employees don't like the news, they'll appreciate clear and accessible information. Explain the business case and what employees can do to save. Use multiple communication channels—print, online, email and face-to-face—to deliver timely messages and answer employee concerns.
Two Communicate total benefits 
Our research tells us that employees often don't realize the overall value of their benefits package because they're rarely presented as a total program. Provide employees with a big-picture view showing the complete package.
Three Package benefits to address life and employment events
When employees need to amend their benefits, it's usually because of a life event (marriage, birth, adoption) or employment event (i.e., changing from part-time to full-time status). Address these needs and organize content accordingly. By making the benefits experience easy, employees will feel more satisfied.