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The one thing you should do to improve employee town halls

April 17, 2014   Category: Town halls

At last week’s IABC Strategic Corporate Communication Leadership Summit, my session was designed to help participants “think outside the box to engage employees.” So naturally I introduced one of my favorite topics: the need to improve town hall meetings.

One surprising reason employees don’t ask questions at town halls

April 04, 2014   Category: Town halls

It’s town hall time again. The big room has been booked, the A/V guys are getting their equipment ready, presentations are being polished. But no matter how prepared you are, you still haven’t solved the toughest challenge of all: encouraging employees to ask questions.

Senior leaders: They’re NOT just like employees

March 04, 2014   Category: Leaders

One of the biggest challenges we face in employee communication is managing internal clients (usually leaders) who have strong preferences about what “good” communication should be.

The trouble is, these preferences are often misaligned with the communication needs of employees.

How crafts can make you a better communicator

February 26, 2014   Category: Simplify

We’ve been in a crafty mood lately at Davis & Company.

A lesson from The Lego Movie

February 10, 2014   Category: Content

You’ve probably heard that the highest grossing film last week didn’t star George Clooney but instead featured a pile of animated plastic bricks.

Improve employee town halls by banning planted questions

February 07, 2014   Category: Town halls

Earlier this week a client asked me to observe her company’s employee town hall meeting.

A lesson from Super Bowl advertisers: promote your content

January 28, 2014   Category: Vehicles and channels

In my last blog, I wrote about the importance of creating employee communication content that’s fresh and unexpected. But once you do so, your work isn’t done.

Your new mantra: Fresh and unexpected

January 24, 2014   Category: Clear communication

The other day I was leading a workshop on employee town halls, and to kick off the session, I asked, “What’s wrong with town halls?”

Gov. Christie, let’s talk about leader communication

January 15, 2014

I’m working on two client projects with the same objective: helping the CEO engage employees in company direction.

Meanwhile, the other governor in the neighborhood gives a speech

January 10, 2014   Category: Presentations

Hi, I’m Alison and I’m from New Jersey. You may have heard a news report or two about my state this week: something about a big traffic jam (not surprising) that was caused by someone in the governor’s office playing a dirty trick on a mayor (Come to think of it, also not surprising.).