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Employee communication channels’ wake-up call: Espresso

December 12, 2014   Category: Vehicles and channels

Last month The Economist, the weekly global newsmagazine, launched a morning briefing channel called

The easiest way to improve your writing

December 02, 2014   Category: Simplify

One of my favorite magazines is Southern Living.

10 things I’ve learned about assessment and measurement

November 20, 2014   Category: Assessment and measurement

This morning I realized that the final installment of this series (what I’ve learned in 30 years) has to be about assessment and measurement.

10 things I’ve learned about employee communication channels

November 14, 2014   Category: Vehicles and channels

Davis & Company is celebrating our 30th anniversary this month and in honor of the occasion, I’ve been thinking about 30 things I’ve learned in the past three decades. Here is my second installment, 10 insights about channels:

30 things I’ve learned about employee communication (part 1)

November 06, 2014   Category: Inspiration

Today we’re celebrating our 30th year of reaching, engaging and motivating employees! Three decades have passed so quickly; it seems like only yesterday we were setting up shop with not much more than an electronic typewriter and a fax machine. (Yes, really. It was 1984, after all!)

31 things about communication that scare the daylights out of employees

October 30, 2014   Category: Clear communication

Almost everyone loves a scary movie. But even Jason, Freddy and Chucky are terrified when they encounter employee communication that’s boring, irrelevant, repetitive and pointless.

The #1 reason workplace communication doesn’t work

October 22, 2014   Category: Vehicles and channels

When my Davis & Company colleagues visit client sites, we almost always notice the key reason workplace communication isn’t effective: It’s in the wrong place. For instance:

7 reasons to “make a list” next time you write content

October 04, 2014   Category: Content

You’ve seen them on magazine covers (The 65 Biggest Celebrity Hair Transformations).

Surprise! Here’s the best way to make your next video stand out

October 01, 2014   Category: Video

We’ve been thinking about videos a lot lately at Davis & Company; some of my colleagues just facilitated a web workshop about video and we’ve written several Smart Tips newsletters on the top

5 ways to write a fascinating Q&A

September 22, 2014   Category: Writing

My husband, a so-called professional writer, insists that the hardest type of article to write is the question-and-answer interview (or Q&A).