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5 ways to make sure your next big meeting doesn’t become a nightmare

April 18, 2016   Category: Meetings and conferences

Last night I dreamed that a client was organizing a big meeting to support a major product launch. The company was bringing together more than a hundred employees in key roles to prepare them for this important milestone.

Unlock the power of posters

April 08, 2016   Category: Vehicles and channels

Even in today’s virtual world, most employees go to a physical location—an office, a store, a manufacturing plant or even a truck—to do their jobs.

How to improve candor at your company

April 01, 2016   Category: Clear communication

Ask employees what they’d like to see improved about employee communication and one of their top answers is always this: “More transparency. Less spin.”

Why you should go “shopping” to improve workplace communication

March 25, 2016   Category: Vehicles and channels

I’m sure you’re familiar with the term “mystery shopping.” According to Wikipedia, it’s a practice used by market research firms or companies themselves to measure service and other aspects of the customer experience.

How to convince leaders to (finally!) change town hall meetings

March 21, 2016   Category: Town halls

Your employee town hall meetings aren’t great, but at least they’re predictable. Sure, the agenda is tightly packed, and there are too many speakers, and you haven’t solved the problem of remote participants, and there’s hardly any interaction, but at least town halls happen every quarter.

9 things employees hate about emails

March 10, 2016   Category: channel

Ah, email! We have a love/hate relationship with the darn channel, and, to mix metaphors, it’s become the devil we know.

13 great questions to ask when starting a new initiative

March 03, 2016   Category: Change communication

Let’s say you’ve been invited to a meeting to discuss communicating a new initiative to employees. The meeting is likely to go like this:

A simple way to make employee town halls more inclusive

February 26, 2016   Category: Town halls

Here’s the problem with conducting a town hall meeting where some employees gather in person and others join remotely: Remote employees have an inferior experience, especially when it comes to participation.

7 small steps to improve employee communication

February 19, 2016   Category: Inspiration

Hi, there! Whether you’re a long-term reader or a first-time visitor, it’s nice to see you.

9 ways to make your next conference worthwhile

February 08, 2016   Category: Meetings and conferences

This is the year you should take advantage of workshops and conferences. There are so many to choose from—from lunch sessions to three-day conferences—so you can find the learning opportunity that meets your schedule, budget and style.