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Why employees need to understand how communication works

May 24, 2016   Category: Vehicles and channels

You know how sometimes you read a book and the advice stays with you, even years later?

Make your case to modernize employee communication

May 20, 2016   Category: Writing

Although it's been 65 million years since the dinosaurs became extinct, when it comes to communication, it may seem that some of them are still alive and well in your own organization. Here's one example that I hear all the time from forward-thinking employee communicators.

Democracy is messy; so is communication

May 19, 2016   Category: Employee engagement

Election day in the United States is months away, yet this has already been an historic campaign for president. 

How to do more with less

May 16, 2016   Category: Simplify

I just spent two fulfilling days with participants at the PRSA Connect 16 Employee Communications Conference. It was great spending time with so many smart and dedicated communicators.

Why you should ban press releases from internal channels

May 09, 2016   Category: Content

If I could recommend one thing to improve the value of the content you share with employees, what would I suggest? 

That's easy: Stop posting press releases on your intranet and other internal communication channels.

Top 10 things employees hate about town halls

May 03, 2016   Category: Town halls

You sweat and you struggle to organize your leader’s town hall meetings. And employees in attendance can see how hard you’re working to make sure the slides run, the A/V works and the Q&A doesn’t fizzle out.

Visuals (always) get my vote

April 28, 2016   Category: Visuals and design

You may have heard that there’s some kind of election going on. And you may even have found yourself in a polling place, casting your vote for the presidential candidate you choose to represent your political party.

5 ways to make sure your next big meeting doesn’t become a nightmare

April 18, 2016   Category: Meetings and conferences

Last night I dreamed that a client was organizing a big meeting to support a major product launch. The company was bringing together more than a hundred employees in key roles to prepare them for this important milestone.

Unlock the power of posters

April 08, 2016   Category: Vehicles and channels

Even in today’s virtual world, most employees go to a physical location—an office, a store, a manufacturing plant or even a truck—to do their jobs.

How to improve candor at your company

April 01, 2016   Category: Clear communication

Ask employees what they’d like to see improved about employee communication and one of their top answers is always this: “More transparency. Less spin.”