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3 reasons why employees aren’t your audience

July 20, 2016   Category: Demographics

I have a negative reaction every time I hear a communicator refer to employees as the “audience.”

One simple way to improve employee communication channels

July 11, 2016   Category: Vehicles and channels

 I’ve got a workshop coming up—11 ways to improve employee communication channels right now—so I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how to make every channel (email, newsletters,

Don’t assume employees are interested right now

July 06, 2016   Category: Change communication

Let’s say a senior leader has asked you to work on an important initiative—one that is essential for company success. Since you’re a dedicated, responsible person, you plunge into the project with great enthusiasm. So do your fellow team members.

The best way to write quickly is to start slowly

June 29, 2016   Category: Writing

I’ve been thinking about all the writing I need to do, and how little time I have to do it.

Why you should be the one to fix information overload

June 21, 2016   Category: Simplify

Recently, I had three conversations with three separate employee communicators about information overload:

When bad presentations happen to good communicators

June 14, 2016   Category: Presentations

Remember the story of the shoemaker’s daughters? The shoemaker in question was so busy filling orders for his customers that he didn’t notice that his own children were barefoot.

5 ways to help leaders communicate change

June 06, 2016   Category: Leaders

Recently, I facilitated a Q&A session with a group of communicators about improving leader communication. Everyone in attendance that day was facing big change in their organization, from mergers to restructuring to new initiatives.

Why you need to get out of your office

June 02, 2016   Category: Employee engagement

Here’s an urgent message for every communicator whose organization has multiple locations with employees who do a variety of jobs: Leave your office now. Get out into the field. Go quickly.

Why the inverted pyramid is still a strong message structure

May 31, 2016   Category: Writing

As soon as I saw the “key message platform,” I knew we were in trouble. The draft was created with the best intentions—as a framework for communicating a major change program to employees at a large corporation.

Why employees need to understand how communication works

May 24, 2016   Category: Vehicles and channels

You know how sometimes you read a book and the advice stays with you, even years later?