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31 things about communication that scare the daylights out of employees

October 30, 2014   Category: Clear communication

Almost everyone loves a scary movie. But even Jason, Freddy and Chucky are terrified when they encounter employee communication that’s boring, irrelevant, repetitive and pointless.

The #1 reason workplace communication doesn’t work

October 22, 2014   Category: Vehicles and channels

When my Davis & Company colleagues visit client sites, we almost always notice the key reason workplace communication isn’t effective: It’s in the wrong place. For instance:

7 reasons to “make a list” next time you write content

October 04, 2014   Category: Content

You’ve seen them on magazine covers (The 65 Biggest Celebrity Hair Transformations).

Surprise! Here’s the best way to make your next video stand out

October 01, 2014   Category: Video

We’ve been thinking about videos a lot lately at Davis & Company; some of my colleagues just facilitated a web workshop about video and we’ve written several Smart Tips newsletters on the top

5 ways to write a fascinating Q&A

September 22, 2014   Category: Writing

My husband, a so-called professional writer, insists that the hardest type of article to write is the question-and-answer interview (or Q&A).

Don’t fear the headline (the reaper, maybe)

September 17, 2014   Category: Writing

I began thinking about headlines last week, when a member of our team asked me to review a concept for an infographic.

“Interesting idea,” I said after reviewing the copy, “But where’s the headline?”

You’re gonna need a bigger boat

September 03, 2014   Category: Employee engagement

Read this great Mashable piece, 5 Ways the Workforce Will Change in 5 Years, and I’ll bet you’ll reach this conclusion: The ways we communicate with employees today simply won’t be effective in the future.

Best short survey ever

August 25, 2014   Category: Assessment and measurement

Here’s a problem with many surveys: They’re boring. Same format, same questions, same rating scale—although these elements may be technically correct, they add up to a dull experience for the participant.

Need to organize content? LATCH it

August 11, 2014   Category: Clear communication

I’m working with my colleagues Christine Burri and Kathleen Lota to improve a guide for HR business partners.

Limit your message to 50 (yes, 50) words

July 23, 2014   Category: Simplify

Almost every communicator I know is trying to reduce word count of emails, intranet content and every other way he/she provides information to employees.