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Employee not interested in a leader presentation

Employees: they’re just not that into you

August 24, 2016   Category: Leaders

It would be great to think that employees are fascinated by every piece of information about your company, and that they can’t wait for leaders to share information about Big Picture topics like the 7-point strategy or a bold new initiative or EBITDA results.

Even PR is shunning press releases. Why Internal Communication should, too.

August 16, 2016   Category: Audiences

I’ve often implored employee communicators to stop posting press releases on internal channels. There are so many reasons to do so, especially because employees hate packaged or “spun” commun

How well do you communicate with your youngest employees?

August 08, 2016   Category: Audiences

How young is your youngest employee? For certain companies that hire college graduates, that new worker is likely to be about 22.

For others, employees can be as young as 15 or 16.

5 ways to stop the madness of Corporate Speak

August 03, 2016   Category: Simplify

It happens to the best of us: We’re writing about an initiative or the new corporate strategy or another topic that’s actually quite important. Next thing we know, we’ve created a paragraph that’s full of jargon.

Important (but not easy) ways to improve employee communication

July 27, 2016   Category: Vehicles and channels

The other day I wrote a blog for LinkedIn about ways to improve internal communication that aren’t necessarily easy—but that will take your program to the next level.

3 reasons why employees aren’t your audience

July 20, 2016   Category: Demographics

I have a negative reaction every time I hear a communicator refer to employees as the “audience.”

One simple way to improve employee communication channels

July 11, 2016   Category: Vehicles and channels

 I’ve got a workshop coming up—11 ways to improve employee communication channels right now—so I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about how to make every channel (email, newsletters,

Don’t assume employees are interested right now

July 06, 2016   Category: Change communication

Let’s say a senior leader has asked you to work on an important initiative—one that is essential for company success. Since you’re a dedicated, responsible person, you plunge into the project with great enthusiasm. So do your fellow team members.

The best way to write quickly is to start slowly

June 29, 2016   Category: Writing

I’ve been thinking about all the writing I need to do, and how little time I have to do it.

Why you should be the one to fix information overload

June 21, 2016   Category: Simplify

Recently, I had three conversations with three separate employee communicators about information overload: