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Why communication should be as easy as apple pie

November 25, 2015   Category: Clear communication

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which reminds me of the time many years ago when my former colleague Julie wanted to make her first-ever apple pie.

15 things not to do when presenting

November 18, 2015   Category: Presentations

My colleague Richard Efrus gave a presentation at our staff meeting yesterday on . . . presenting.

To write better subject lines, use this recipe

November 12, 2015   Category: Email

I like to cook, so I subscribe to a number of e-newsletters that offer recipes.

Baby up all night, working parent exhausted. How to communicate?

November 05, 2015   Category: Clear communication

There are so many reasons why employee communication needs to change to be more convenient and useful.

Here’s another: Working parents are so stressed that they can’t deal with complicated communication.

Nobody talks like this: why you need to rethink quotes

October 30, 2015   Category: Writing

This morning over breakfast I was skimming the newspaper (I know: how quaint) when I came upon an advertorial section on local real estate.

Take these 2 simple steps to improve HR communication

October 21, 2015   Category: Assessment and measurement

I’m often surprised by how HR professionals and communicators don’t know very much about their employees’ communication needs.

Improve HR communication by reducing time

October 14, 2015   Category: HR communication

Here’s a different approach for improving HR communication: Focus on time.

Why conducting interviews makes you smarter and more influential

October 08, 2015   Category: Assessment and measurement

Here’s a technique I’ll bet you’re not using often enough: holding one-on-one interviews with experts, leaders and other key stakeholders.

Why specifics are very, very good—and details are very, very bad

September 24, 2015   Category: Clear communication

We’re trying to counsel a client who wants to include every blessed detail about a certain program in a communication piece we’re creating.

Her thinking goes like this: “Unless we tell employees everything about Program A, they won’t have the information they need to understand it.”

To revitalize meetings, start with the end

September 14, 2015   Category: Meetings and conferences

We’ve declared that September is Meetings Month at Davis & Company, with content (SmartTips, a