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Did employees really receive that vital HR information?

May 27, 2015   Category: HR communication

Out of all the dumb assumptions in employee communication, perhaps the most problematic is this: “If we build it (or post it or print it), employees will understand.”

A terrible town hall mistake: too many topics

May 20, 2015   Category: Town halls

I just returned from the PRSA Connect 15 conference, where I spoke about employee town halls. And I wasn’t surprised to learn that one of communicators’ biggest challenges is having to include too many topics.

Why it’s so critical to get town halls right

May 12, 2015   Category: Town halls

The other day, a client called me to tell me about The Town Hall That Fell Flat.

Don’t make this survey question mistake

April 27, 2015   Category: Assessment and measurement

We work on a lot of employee communication surveys here at Davis & Company, so we’re sensitive to the nuances of effective survey design.

Don’t listen to Baby Boomers

April 07, 2015   Category: Audiences

I have a confession to make: I’m a Baby Boomer. And, although I’ve tried to recover, no 12-step program can change the fact that I’ve got all the characteristics of people in my generation (born between 1948 to 1964).

One quick way to improve your publication

April 03, 2015   Category: Vehicles and channels

You know my philosophy: Great ideas for enhancing your employee communication program can be found everywhere you go.

Hungry for ideas for engaging employees? Here are 3 tasty tidbits

March 26, 2015   Category: Inspiration

Pay a visit to our offices in Glen Rock, NJ, and you’ll find that we’re always seeking inspiration—looking for ideas to help us solve our clients’ employee communication challenges.

4 ways to write compelling headlines

March 12, 2015   Category: Writing

You already know this: The headline is, by far, the most important part of any piece of content. How important? Here are two essential facts:

To improve employee communication, start with advertising

February 17, 2015   Category: Employee engagement

I just read a brilliant Marketing Daily column by Brad Fay, Let’s Think How Advertisi

Make your channels lighter, faster, more nimble

February 11, 2015   Category: Vehicles and channels

We’ve been having a little fun this week at Davis & Company by posting silly lists all around our office. It’s hard to tell how it started—perhaps when someone posted a list of Disney princesses (Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel . .