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9 ways to make your next conference worthwhile

February 08, 2016   Category: Meetings and conferences

This is the year you should take advantage of workshops and conferences. There are so many to choose from—from lunch sessions to three-day conferences—so you can find the learning opportunity that meets your schedule, budget and style.

Less is definitely more . . .

February 03, 2016   Category: Simplify

Although I’m an avid reader and a dedicated writer, I don’t care much about grammar. Let me clarify: I am committed to getting grammar right, but I’m not someone who revels in the rules. In my mind, grammar is utility, not art.

7 ways to write short

January 24, 2016   Category: Writing

Ever read a book that makes you cranky?

Ban the boring executive interview

January 21, 2016   Category: Writing

Got a cup of coffee or your caffeinated beverage of choice?

Good, because I need to talk to you about the ubiquitous executive interview: you know, the newsletter or website article in which a leader is profiled in article or Q&A format.

What the Republican primary race teaches us about change

January 14, 2016   Category: Change communication

Don’t worry; I’m not really going to talk about politics.

How to provide information employees value

January 07, 2016   Category: Clear communication

If you’re planning to conduct a survey or facilitate focus groups to assess internal communication, make sure you ask this question: “What would make communication more valuable?”

Why it’s critical to focus your message

December 23, 2015   Category: Clear communication

Like most people, I’ve spent a lot of time during December driving around from mall to supermarket to post office to prepare for the holidays.

The 12 improvements of Christmas

December 16, 2015   Category: Vehicles and channels

While other people are baking, shopping and wrapping, we at Davis & Company are spending the holiday season analyzing results from year-end employee communication surveys we’re completing for several clients.

Why it’s so important to make communication easy

December 06, 2015   Category: Clear communication

I’ll bet that some time today you had this experience: You received an email about a topic you care about. But when you opened the message, you encountered long, dense text that seemed like a lot of work to read.

Why communication should be as easy as apple pie

November 25, 2015   Category: Clear communication

It’s almost Thanksgiving, which reminds me of the time many years ago when my former colleague Julie wanted to make her first-ever apple pie.