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7 reasons to “make a list” next time you write content

October 04, 2014   Category: Content

You’ve seen them on magazine covers (The 65 Biggest Celebrity Hair Transformations).

Surprise! Here’s the best way to make your next video stand out

October 01, 2014   Category: Video

We’ve been thinking about videos a lot lately at Davis & Company; some of my colleagues just facilitated a web workshop about video and we’ve written several Smart Tips newsletters on the top

5 ways to write a fascinating Q&A

September 22, 2014   Category: Writing

My husband, a so-called professional writer, insists that the hardest type of article to write is the question-and-answer interview (or Q&A).

Don’t fear the headline (the reaper, maybe)

September 17, 2014   Category: Writing

I began thinking about headlines last week, when a member of our team asked me to review a concept for an infographic.

“Interesting idea,” I said after reviewing the copy, “But where’s the headline?”

You’re gonna need a bigger boat

September 03, 2014   Category: Employee engagement

Read this great Mashable piece, 5 Ways the Workforce Will Change in 5 Years, and I’ll bet you’ll reach this conclusion: The ways we communicate with employees today simply won’t be effective in the future.

Best short survey ever

August 25, 2014   Category: Assessment and measurement

Here’s a problem with many surveys: They’re boring. Same format, same questions, same rating scale—although these elements may be technically correct, they add up to a dull experience for the participant.

Need to organize content? LATCH it

August 11, 2014   Category: Clear communication

I’m working with my colleagues Christine Burri and Kathleen Lota to improve a guide for HR business partners.

Limit your message to 50 (yes, 50) words

July 23, 2014   Category: Simplify

Almost every communicator I know is trying to reduce word count of emails, intranet content and every other way he/she provides information to employees.

13 things to do on your next site visit

July 18, 2014   Category: Audiences

I’ve spoken many times before about the need for HR and communication professionals to step away from your desk and visit employees in other locations. Only then can you understand how employees really work so you can design programs that meet their needs.

Reason #67 to cut content

June 30, 2014   Category: Simplify

Every time I recommend an ideal word count to a client (say, 50 words for email), I get pushback.

“Oh, that’s way too low,” someone in the meeting will say. “We’ll never be able to condense our content to meet that word count.”