Your employee handbook is one of the most important forms of communication between your company and its workers. 

It has a key role in giving employees—whether they are brand new or have been around for a while—the information they need to succeed in your organization. And, your handbook is an essential expression of your company's culture. Therefore, looking at it solely as a legal document misses an opportunity to affirm that employees made the right decision to join your company. 

Putting together a great handbook takes effort and hard work. In creating a handbook, you walk a delicate tightrope between "rules" (Let's make sure things are clear so we're protected.) and "friendliness" (Let's create a book that employees actually want to read.). 

Our easy-to-follow guide helps you tackle the handbook challenge. We use our Davis & Company handbook as an example of how to create one that strikes the right balance when communicating policies—making it easy, even enjoyable, for employees to read about them.

internal company handbook smart guide

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