Given everything competing for your readers' attention, how can you ensure your writing stands out, and is clear, concise and compelling? Research shows that people spend only three seconds scanning a message before deciding to dive in or move on. Your messages need to grab people's attention immediately and then entice them to keep reading until the end.

This workshop will help you prioritize your communication and focus on the high-value information employees need most.

You will learn how to:

  • Think like typical employees within your organization and write to meet their needs
  • Identify the information employees care about
  • Write headlines, subheads and opening paragraphs that pull people in
  • Convey complex subjects in just a few words
  • Understand the ideal way to write for all media, including email, print and the web
  • Streamline your written messages to make them more scannable

Here’s your chance to improve your skills while spending time with our experts.

Upcoming workshops

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