This comprehensive guide shows you how to get the employee feedback you need to successfully implement internal programs and initiatives.

How can you find out what employees are thinking?

Conduct employee focus groups.
How to conduct employee focus groups is the comprehensive guide that shows you how to explore issues, test concepts and generate ideas with employees so you can make more informed decisions.

Whether you’re an HR professional, a communicator or anyone running a program, How to conduct employee focus groups can help you get the insight you’re looking for.

How can this book help you?
This all-inclusive, do-it yourself guide gives you everything you need to manage and facilitate employee focus groups, including:

  • Easy-to-follow, how-to information
  • Examples of how focus groups have been used in organizations
  • Samples you can tailor to meet your needs, including a participant invitation, a discussion guide and a findings report
  • Advice about conducting virtual focus groups

What does it include?
Even if you’ve never conducted an employee focus group before, this book covers each step in detail, including how to:

  • Select the right participants
  • Choose the best location, timing and facilities
  • Build a discussion guide
  • Moderate like a professional
  • Deal effectively with challenging participants and unexpected events
  • Debrief and analyze your data
  • Develop insightful conclusions
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