I’ve had so many conversations with communicators over the past few months about their need to get better at measuring their employee communication program. Most are doing some research—web trends, a post town hall survey, a few questions in the engagement survey—but most are not measuring as systematically and consistently as they know they should be.

What challenges do communicators face in improving measurement? The two I hear most often are these: Building knowledge about the right ways to measure. And finding the time to create a robust measurement program.

After talking about these challenges with my colleague David Pitre, we’ve come up with a solution: A one-day measurement “boot camp” on April 18 called Mastering employee communication measurement.

The idea is simple: David and I will lead a highly interactive, comprehensive workshop on all aspects of employee communication measurement. But the idea is not just to build your skills. By the end of the day, you’ll have the methods, tools and game plan you need to take your measurement efforts to the next level.

It’s true you’ll have to find the time (and use some of your development budget) to spend the day immersing yourself in measurement. But we promise to make the investment worth your while. You’ll move from worrying about measurement to having managing research in a smart, strategic and time-efficient way.

Plus, you get to visit our cool conference center (located in Glen Rock, NJ, just 5 miles from the country’s largest shopping malls and 22 miles from New York City’s Times Square) and spend quality time with other interesting communicators.

Want to learn more? Or simply to chat about measurement? I’d be happy, as always, to hear from you.

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