Although Information Technology and Internal Communication have not always been close, there’s never been a better time to put aside your differences and become BFFs with an IT professional.

Here’s why: CIOs and other IT leaders are thinking about the same issues you are and they’ve got the mandate and money to do something about it.

Consider top two IT concerns:

Enterprise mobility. “The two biggest trends driving the way that IT handles mobility are the limited ability to control the devices that employees are using and the increasing amount of corporate data that is going across these devices,” says  Chris Hazelton, research director of mobile and wireless technologies at 451 Research , in an article in CIO Insight. “This dynamic means IT must control a growing use of corporate data in an environment in which it is steadily losing control.”

Bottom line: Mobile devices will become a core work tool in organizations. How will IT manage them—and what is their potential for communication?

Social collaboration. Writes Samuel Greengard in CIO Insight, “Although most organizations have social listening systems in place and the majority interact with customers via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, many have dabbled but not fully developed social collaboration. Internal systems that allow unfettered communication—and knowledge sharing—are poised to take off in a big way.”

Bottom line: With IT’s support, social media has a better chance of becoming a key way of collaborating and communicating.
Want to know what CIOs are thinking? As you can tell, I’m a regular reader of CIO Insight. It gives me a sense of IT’s big-picture challenges and opportunities, so I can understand how they relate to internal communication.

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