Thanks for stopping by! We’re really proud of the new, and we’re glad you could pay us a visit and join our (virtual) open house celebration.

Our website project was inspired by you: our clients, colleagues and friends. Many of you told us you liked the useful content on our old website, but sometimes had trouble finding the information you needed. And you wanted more examples, so you could see what we meant when we described concepts like “leader coaching” and “meeting design.”

So our new site has more good stuff, better organized. It has the great reference information you rely on: our e-newsletter, Smart Tips, our whitepapers and our workshops and products. And it has more ways you can participate, by making comments, engaging in social media and even winning prizes (cake pops!).

As you know, building a website like this takes a lot of work. Virtually everyone at Davis & Company labored on this project for months, while continuing to do their day jobs. I’d like to give credit where it’s due to our team:

  • Our creative director: John Kidon (design, project management and perseverance)
  • Designers: Kathleen Lota (concepts and design), Melissa Logan (project management, design and buildout) and Janice Comes (design and buildout)
  • Technology guru: Casey Gatti
  • Marketing team: Kim Cuffe (project management, content programming and proofreading) Sam Viscomi (content creation and programming) and Donna Marino (content programming and proofreading)
  • Launch communication team: Caroline Hey, Cheryl Ross, Kim Cuffe, Kathleen Lota, Sam Viscomi and Christine Burri
  • Content creation: Andrea Schulz, Cheryl Ross, Julie Weissbach, Caroline Hey, Christine Burri, Breana Van Rye and Liz Leyland
  • Advisor/senior consulting: David Pitre
  • Other Davis & Company team members—including Lorraine Fabiano, Tani Gomez, Stacy Weidenmuller, Kristin Zebrowski, and Lily Murtagh—didn’t work as actively on the website, but kept other trains running on time. So they deserve credit as well.

It really did take a village—well, in our case, a small town—to make it happen. But we like the result. We hope you do, too.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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