My colleague Andrea Wilcox posted an update on the Davis & Company LinkedIn group this morning, reminding us that the year is half over. But let’s not get depressed that time is going by so quickly—as Andrea wrote, “There’s still plenty of time to have your best year ever!”

One way to make the most of the next six months is to eliminate all the ways you’re wasting time. Start by investing 15 minutes to read this helpful Industry Week article by Jamie Flinchbauch, “Eliminating waste in your personal work.”

It seems incredible, but studies show most people waste two to six hours for every eight hours of work. We manage too many handoffs. Squander time searching for information. Wait for others to respond. Perform some tasks too soon (before we have everything we need to be successful) and others too late. Do more than is necessary. And rework tasks that weren’t on track the first time around.

Jamie Flinchbauch’s piece suggests applying the lessons of the process-improvement practice known as “lean” as you do your job. Lean is based on the principle of “preserving value with less work” and there are many ways all of us can adopt this thinking to eliminate waste.

For example, Jamie shares the story of an executive who noticed he frequently got requests from team members for small bits of information. Instead of handling each request separately, he began having 15-minute meetings every day to talk about status and priorities. As a result, his email traffic was reduced by 80%.

I suggest you read the article and think about how you can eliminate waste to get tasks done more efficiently. By doing so, you’ll have time to focus on the work that matters—the projects that achieve your goals and set you up for success in the six months ahead.

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