Devoted readers of this blog (Hi, Mom!) know that I often find inspiration about how to communicate from retailers. After all, great merchants have mastered the art of attention—both getting it (“Welcome to our store”) and converting it into action (“Thanks for your purchase!”).

So Fast Company’s list of The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Retail piqued my interest, and definitely is worth a quick look. Among the top 10:

“For listening to its customers—really. Although the feedback site was originally panned, almost 98,000 ideas have been submitted, and 100 have been adopted.”

“For bridging the in-store and mobile retail experience. Beyond rewarding users with perks as soon as they enter a store, Shopkick's location-aware smartphone app also guides users through physical retailers, letting them see reviews and multimedia content.”

Urban Outfitters
“For nurturing very distinct, successful, and quirky retail brands, including the youth-oriented Urban Outfitters, the romantic and sophisticated Anthropologie, and the high-end, bohemian Leifsdottir.”

Check out the entire list.

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