You’ve probably heard that the highest grossing film last week didn’t star George Clooney but instead featured a pile of animated plastic bricks.

Hollywood pundits were surprised by the fact that The Lego Movie built more than $69 million in North America ticket sales, far more than The Monuments Men, a distant second at $22 million.

What’s the secret to The Lego Movie’s success? Here’s where the lesson comes in for communicators. As reported in The New York Times, the movie feels fresh, unexpected and authentic.

“In the end, what struck some skeptics as weird—the movie mixes animated Legos with real plastic bricks, and the character movement is choppy—turned into a strength,” writes Brooks Barnes in the Times.

As Bruce Berman, chief executive of The Lego Movie’s producer, Village Roadshow, puts it: “The lesson is a simple one: It has to feel fresh. This animated movie felt different from typical animated fare.”

Back to the lesson. Does your communication content feel fresh? Are you delivering an experience employees can’t get anywhere else?

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