An important new concept: “device demographics.” As part of a project to enhance a company’s employee communication program, I’ve been working with the client to develop a strategy for mobile devices (also known as smart phones).

That’s why this MediaPost article, Device Demographics: Part of Your Strategy?, caught my eye. Although author Martin Hayward’s piece focuses on marketing, the concept he describes—device demographics—is important for employee communication as well.

Device demographics, writes Mr. Hayward, “is target marketing based not on any pre-determined group a consumer fits into (i.e., race or gender), but rather what mobile device they use and how they interact with content on that device.”

We’ve already seen the beginnings of device demographics, explains Mr. Hayward, “with targeting through location-based apps, opt-in messaging marketing and mobile advertisements on mobile sites and applications.”

Now, marketers are taking device demographics to new levels by directly targeting advertising based on the type of mobile device a consumer uses. For example, if a video game company was launching a new sports game, the company would first focus on its target demographic, say males 18 – 35. But if there were a mobile app version of the game (say, for the Android and the iPhone), the company would also target-market by device: males 18 – 35 who use an Android, for instance.

How does this concept apply to internal communication? Here are a few possibilities:

  • Do your professionals have Blackberry devices? Are many of them managers? You could provide communication tools or advice for managers delivered by Blackberry.
  • Have you equipped sales reps with iPhones or iPads? What apps could be developed to communicate with reps?
  • Does a segment of your employee population use hand-held devices to get work done—manage inventory, for example, or handle sales transactions? Can you provide information on those devices for employees to access during down time?

To get started, work with IT or telecommunications to develop an inventory of which employees have which devices. Then begin to explore how you can develop communication solutions that take advantage of “device demographics.”

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