Pop quiz. What are the most compelling headline words/phrases? Answer: "You" and "How to."

That's because we human beings are fascinated by ourselves ("Are you talking to me?") and are equally interested in learning how to make our lives easier and better.

It's also why one of the fastest growing categories of video is "how to."

For example, Howcast, a site that offers original videos on topics ranging from How To Talk To Your Cat to How To Make Jello Shots, is currently streaming 25 million videos a month, and also shows content on YouTube and offers iPhone and PDA apps. (To learn more, read this Tech Crunch blog.

And 5min,a syndication platform for video, has 150,000 videos in categories from food to home to health to pets. The site has more than 30 million unique viewers. (Read this TechCrunch blog for more info.)

Think about you could add how-to video to your communication mix. For instance: "How to conduct a performance appraisal." Or: "How to understand the company strategy." Or: "How to make your workplace safe."

The possibilities are endless . . . 

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