My colleague David Pitre (aka the Measurement Guru) and I are hosting an online Measurement Jam next Thursday, April 23. The idea is spend an action-packed hour answering any questions you have about measuring employee communication. (It’s free and I think it will be fun!)

To prepare, I’ve been thinking about the kinds of questions I usually hear from clients.

Here’s a quick list:

  • Is a survey the best way to measure?
  • Should I be concerned about survey fatigue?
  • How do I ensure that non-wired employees (such as those in manufacturing, transportation or retail) are represented when measuring communication?
  • What are the best questions to ask?
  • What’s the ideal length for a survey?
  • How many questions should I ask?
  • Are focus groups a legitimate form of research?
  • When should I conduct focus groups? Do focus groups ever take the place of a survey?
  • When combining focus groups and a survey, which should come first?
  • How do I measure on a limited budget?
  • My boss is obsessed with normative data. Is it important to compare our results to those of other companies?

Do these sound familiar? I’ll bet you have a lot more questions. Spend an hour with us on April 23 and we’ll give you the answers you need to confidently and effectively measure your program.

(Can’t attend? Post your question here and I’ll post an answer.)

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