Here’s another study—by—reinforcing that people are becoming even more information-overloaded. This study asked highly connected people—including journalists, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals—how they interact with electronic communication.
Here’s what they said:

  • 76.7% read email and respond evenings and weekends
  • 43.2% answer texts or emails on date/social occasion
  • 57.4 % never turn off phone
  • 33.0% check email middle of the night
  • 35.2% answer work emails while with children
  • 46.9% unable to answer all email
  • 41.4% miss important news
  • 39.9% ignore family and friends
  • 16.9% miss appointments
  • 62.5% wish they could filter out the flood of data

None of the findings are surprising, but all emphasize once more what a burden being “always on” can be. And that means, of course, that it will become even harder to get your message—the one that you think is so important and meaningful—through to the people you need to reach. 

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